Monday, September 3, 2012

The longing of no longing

All is sand. The way it touches, mirrors and adheres to skin. Crystals clean as winnowed grain. Hot on the surface, cool in the under-dark. Poems distant on the horizon, belly-dancing in liquid heat. This is the longing of no longing. Hearing the far-off soul’s music, with no desire in my hips.


  1. oh! (and so just moments ago i found this by way of 14th, a great compliment to you, i believe, seeing this shine in the larger world so quickly.)

    This is the longing of no longing. i can hardly escape the clarity of this line, ruth. why would i want to? this is enough. it is enough.



  3. Ruth, the contrast is stunning, sand adhering to the skin,poems bellydancing in liquid heat, yet the distance, the distance of not feeling, not being engaged in this universe.
    (I don't know the connection Erin speaks of.)

    I do sense a longing to be connected.

  4. I also wrote about sand - mine is mirroring 3 boys, touching their skin, launching the forth. Yours is an elegant reflection on poetry and our own mystery as we change.

  5. yes, yes and yes........

    i have just returned from the sea and now reading this, i am back there. tootoo beautiful, ruth. (i love the way maria paired your words with her image btw)

  6. That place where longing and no longing become one--a fine and meditative bit of writing here, Ruth--I can imagine using it as a mantra by candlelight.

  7. Recently it was "suggested" (from within) that I consider stone and write about it and I just now realized how connected and synchronous it is that you are making this blog with this impetus. I'm enjoying the differing connotations than those which appeared for me. Also, I hadn't thought of sand... hmmm, I'll have to see where that takes me. :)

    ps, no worries about the lost post yesterday (?) it was entirely of my own doing and I recreated it decently :)


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