Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I waken from a nightmare
and see its fears light
the room like fireflies.

Everything is evil
I feel, although,
in spite of everything,
before sleep I would have
said nothing is.

This shift is internal,
the way a piece of wood
takes flames along its shank
and then in an hour or so
glows from within.


  1. this always troubles me. truly, truly troubles me.

    then what is truth?


    1. Me too, me too. Sometimes I think it doesn't matter. Other times I think it matters more than anything for how we view others (and ourselves).

      Truth is something we look for, and just when we find it, a seemingly opposing truth comes right behind.

  2. ". . . fears light / the room like fireflies": lovely image (and metaphor), as is the concluding one.

  3. I still do not think all is evil, far from it. The negative disturbances we are assailed with by the media in constant commotion want us to think they are the real deal, the truth. But it is just a nightmare, I feel, though very real in the lives of those who live it. It is just part of this dream on earth, however.

  4. May the nasty spiritual taste the dream left behind be lifted away by a joyful smile on the face of a loved one, or stranger.

  5. Before I read your comment, Ruth, somehow I knew the daily news/media lurked in the dark. When the light of day comes, is it possible for the truth and love and joy to extinguish the nightmares?


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